Hair Care

How to Care For Your Hair: 


When Shampooing or conditioning you want to use a sulfate free product and be sure to comb through the hair with a wide comb. Try to avoid too much oil or styling products. Treat it as your own hair.

Prevent Shedding

Shedding is inevitable when being realistic. To avoid excessive shedding you must take proper care of the hair and be very gently when combing and brushing. 

We highly suggest when getting your bundles you seal your wefts to ensure minimal to no shedding.

Excessive Heat

Excessive heat can very much damage your hair.*Be Cautious and Aware* As we all take pride in our investments.

Can I Go Swimming?

You may go swimming in pools and hot tubs. We recommend braiding your hair or putting it into a ponytail before swimming to keep your hair from tangling. Right after swimming it's highly suggested you wash and put in a leave-in conditioner.

Is Color Hair High Maintenance?

Yes, Anytime you bleach hair to a lighter color the hair will be more fragile due to the color processing so it will require daily hydrating of Argan Oil and Washed Weekly- Bi-weekly with a Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. 

How much Hair will I need?

We suggest Length 14-16"Inches - You Need 2 bundles
 Or More, Lengths 18-24"Lengths You Need 3 bundles
 Or More, Lengths 26-30" You Need 4 bundles or More.

How much does each bundle weigh?

Between 3.2 oz-3.5 oz


This is 100% Virgin human hair that is unprocessed. You can color the hair to your liking, however, once Virgin hair is treated in any way, it is no longer virgin. Be sure after coloring hair to properly condition and moisturize daily. Please have it professionally done to avoid damaging the hair.

Diamond VS Platinum Collection 

  • Our Diamond Collection hair is collected from raw hair 1 donor. Can be styled/dyed and bleached to any color. Last up to 1 year+ (with proper care)
  • Platinum Collection collected by 1-2 donor, can be colored to liking. Can last up to 6+ months (with proper care) 

Both have a natural shine! Are you a Diamond girl or Platinum?

Styling- It's very important to use a wide tooth or paddle back brush using gentle strokes, when washing and or styling the hair. Using thin combs can cause unwanted shedding.

Before Going to Bed: Gently brush hair to remove all tangles. Braid your hair into a couple of big braids, wrap your hair, or tie your hair into a ponytail or bun. Sleeping in a satin scarf is also beneficial.

Wavy & Curly Hair: If you have wavy or curly textured hair extensions and plan to wear the hair wavy or curly you need to apply a curl defining/curl control cream while the hair is wet. This way it will stop the hair from frizzing and lock in the wave or curl in the hair. 

You can practically do anything with it; curl, color, brush, comb, and flat iron it to any style just like your natural hair. If you are not familiar with coloring hair please take it to a professional colorist!!!